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DR. KONG HAV SPLINT BUNION [Footcare Accessory-DKA11]

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HAV Splint(For Toe)

The HAV splint is a resting splint, only for static use (e.g.sleeping). It applies a 3-point pressure system to relieve the hallux valgus deformity. Suitable for night wear.

To whom does this product cater to?

People whom are diagnosed with Hallux Valgus (HAV) problem拇指内翻. And other people whom go through the side effect that’s listed above. Majority of them do not realize the problem until they notice it when there’s a permanent fix deformity of the big toe. People prone to have this problem usually wears inappropriate foot wear, pointy shoes, high heel shoes with pointy end etc.

What is Hallux Valgus?

-Hallux Valgus is also known as Bunion. (拇指内翻)

- Often describe as a visible bump on the side of the big toe and it changes the bone framework / structure on the big toe.

- It occurs when the big toe begins to deviate towards the second toe. Whereby there’s a dislocation or subluxation of the big toe joint and tend to bulges against the skin.

- Deformity of the big toe bone structure may cause the foot to rub on shoes.

- Hallux Valgus / Bunion is not noticeable until there’s a permanent fix deformity of the big toe. (Unexpected occurrence)


1) Deformation can be treated and prevent from worsening.

2) Night time usage is recommended as to prevent further deformation or the bending angle of the big toe bone.

3) Produces 3 point-pressure:

--> Outer side of big toe

--> Just below bunion

--> Outer side of mid foot

4) It’s a Non-Incision method (non- surgery method) in forming back the shape of the hallux (big toe) as to prevent the formation of the Bunion as well as decreasing the angle of deformation of the hallux bone back to its origin / framework structure.


1) Irritation = Causing reddish skin appearance will form on the affected area.

2) Inflammation = Occurs on the base of the toe hence leading to swelling.

3) Callused = Having the affected skin area hardened as the bone was not in its origin position whereby slight protrusion of the bone against the inner linings of the skin.

4) Pain on the affected area = The pain level may varies while walking depending on the severity of the bending angle of the bone. (sometimes angle doesn’t matter)

5) Arthritis = Will occur and decrease the mobility of the foot. Some arthritis also affect heart, lungs , kidney , skin and joints of affected area.

6)  Impact on the 2nd toe = Deformation will occur at the 2nd toe as the big toe tend of push against 2nd toe.

7)  Increase of foot width = May have difficulties to find the shoes that fit the width of the foot.

Splint dimensions:

- Normal size: 13cm
- Large size: 14.5cm

Velcro strap length:

- Normal size: 25cm
- Large size: 29.5cm




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