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Lady’s Esi-Flex - Easy to flex concept

With “Easy to flex” concept, the shoe heads must be flexible to reduce foot fatigue. Together with total contact insole, it can redistribute pressure along foot bottom. The forefoot should have metatarsal pad to minimize the formation of callus. By using highly absorbent material, it is effective in relieving fatigue at foot, leg and waist.

Lady Total contact sandal - Total contact concept

The “Total contact” concept technology redistributes pressure evenly. Specially designed with “Toe Crest”, “Arch Support”, “Metatarsal Pad”, “Heel Cradle Design” and “Soft Padding Design”, the total contact sandal has a close contact with both feet upon wearing and redistributes pressure evenly along the foot bottom. It avoids pressure being over concentrated at forefeet and heel which can relief problems such as foot fatigue, forefeet pains and heel pains.

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